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With the goal of producing quality products that meet the demands of users and protect customer’s health, Hong Ha Stationery has always paid special attention to apply the world’s leading advanced technology to production and business activities. It can be mentioned to:

  • Interlocking stapling notebook production line: Automatic notebook production technology from the paper batching phase to finished notebook products with stable quality and high productivity.
  • Automatic spine glue binding line: Using water-based glue pressing technology, gluing the notebook’s spine reach standards of quality, aesthetics and environmental friendliness.
  • Automatic photo paper production line: Vietnam leading modern technology, fully automatic packaging production, strict quality control process from the paper batching phase to the packaging phase.


With a scale of 60,000m2 at 672 Ngo Gia Tu, Long Bien, Hanoi, Hong Ha manufacturing base includes 02 workshops of Paper and Stationery which are invested with leading modern equipment from advanced countries around the world, applying and operating according to ISO 9001-2015 standard. Hong Ha branded products must ensure strict control processes to bring consumers the best quality products.

In addition to a spacious and modern factory system, Hong Ha Stationery is also equipped with a large warehouse system of raw materials and goods that is arranged scientifically and conveniently to store and distribute products.

Human resource:

Determining the human factor is especially important to make the success, Hong Ha Stationery is always interested in investing in qualified and dedicated human resource staff with a worthy welfare regime, a friendly and professional working environment. The company regularly improves the quality of its staff through intensive training courses, connecting training centers and universities to add new personnel.

Currently, Hong Ha has more than 500 employees with professional qualifications and high skills. Hong Ha's employees are always enthusiastic about the profession and high sense of responsibility, sharing the same goal of determination to make Hong Ha develop more.

Distribution system:

Currently, Hong Ha Stationery has head office in Hanoi, 2 branches in the Center – the South, 5 showrooms in the inner districts of Hanoi, 1 affiliated store, nearly 100 distributors and over 10,000 retail points spreading from the North to the South.

Wishing to bring consumers convenient and quality products, Hong Ha Stationery is constantly developing and expanding its nationwide distribution system and towards the international market.