As the key products of Hong Ha Stationery JSC, Hong Ha notebooks are mainly produced from natural white paper materials with the effect of anti-glare and not cause eyestrain when reading and writing, smooth paper side, sharp lines; notebook back used waterbase cold glue presses technology which is environmentally friendly.


Traditional pens of Hong Ha Stationery are diverse with products of fountain-pens, ball-point pens, gel pens for students and office workers. Especially, it is outstanding by the product line of Beautiful stroke fountain-pens with especially sharpened pen nib structure in order to be easy to write light and bold handwriting. These pens are appropriate for elementary school students practicing calligraphy.


The Publications of Hong Ha Stationery include painting practice notebooks and writing practice notebooks under standard letter form of the Ministry of Education and Training being applied in primary schools and meet the needs of basic knowledge of handwriting for the first year students of primary level. Our products are designed with fun and eye-catching images, bright colors, being suitable for the age.


File folders, double signboards or lever arch files… are always the necessary utensils for the work of the office workers. With the simple and luxurious design, the stationery of Hong Ha Stationery has always been a companion of office workers anytime and anywhere.


The School supplies of Hong Ha Stationery with hundreds of product with diversified models and high durability, always aim to protect the health of the students such as: anti-myopia lamps; pen cases made from non-toxic plastic materials; super light backpacks, bags and school bags against scoliosis …