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The SchoolLine product line develops students supplies with convenience, high quality and social responsibility. Key criteria: Safe for user – School health protection – Environmentally friendly – Recycling after use. Funny and eye-catching design together with unique and copyright image inspire and stimulate the learning, creativity and confidence in students. Industry-oriented solgan: “CONFIDENT STUDY”
– Student fountain pen: Hong Ha student fountain pen is manufactured conveniently, suitable for elementary students practicing writing. Including 2 main groups of product, which are Net Hoa fountain pen and fountain pen. Product with diverse designs, colors, high nib durability, iradium tipped nib writing bold strokes easily and using dual function (piston and cartridge).
– Plastic school supplies: Divided into rulers, geometric set, pencil case, notebook cover, student board, plastic school bag, counting stick. Products are manufactured with modern technology, good quality, high durability and safety.
– Metal school supplies: Metal shool supplies include categories, which are compass, student desk lamp, scissors, bookend… Products are manufactured compactly, conveniently, easy to use and school health protection.
– Paper school supplies: Group of construction paper, exam paper, notebook label, armrest paper… are manufactured with modern technology, high quality, diverse colors and convenience.
– Others: Including canvas pen pouch, pencil & accessories, bamboo/wooden ruler, wooden board, ink… Products are aimed at durable, beautiful and safe material, helping students use conveniently, joining hands to protect the environment with Hong Ha.